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El dios humeante

El Dios Humeante, o un Viaje al interior de la Tierra es el relato de un marinero noruego que navegó a través de una entrada al interior de la Tierra en el Polo Norte. Willis George Emerson recibe aviso urgente de Olaf Jansen al que conocía desde hacía dos años: "Era apenas las dos de la mañana cuando el sonido vigoroso de mi timbre me despertó de un sueño apacible. El intempestivo perturbador resultó ser un mensajero que llevaba una nota, garabateada y casi ilegible, de un viejo vikingo llamado Olaf Jansen. Después de mucho interpretar, descifré la escritura que decía simplemente: “Enfermedad de muerte.  ¡Ven!.” La llamada era imperativa, y no perdí ningún momento en hacer preparativos para cumplirla". El viejo marino escandinavo, Olaf Jansen, deposita en Emerson su confianza y su historia: "Finalmente puso en mis manos ciertos datos, dibujos y mapas toscos. “Éstos,” dijo como epílogo, “lo dejo en tus manos. Si puedo obtener t…

Danish teen makes rare Viking-era find with metal detector

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Danish museum officials say that an archaeological dig last year has revealed 365 items from the Viking era, including 60 rare coins. Danish National Museum spokesman Jens Christian Moesgaard says the coins have a distinctive cross motif attributed to Norse King Harald Bluetooth, who is believed to have brought Christianity to Norway and Denmark. Sixteen-year-old Michael Stokbro Larsen found the coins and other items with a metal detector in a field in northern Denmark. Stokbro Larsen, who often explores with his detector, said he is often laughed at because friends find him "a bit nerdy." Moesgaard said Thursday that it was the first time since 1939 that so many Viking-era coins have been found, calling them "another important piece in the puzzle" of history.

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The coming of the Christmas Visitors

Escenas de " Vikings" -

Feliz Midsummer Hemisferio Sur!

Feliz solsticio a todos los navegantes!

ARCHAEOLOGY Pig-Shaped Bottle Among Finds in Ancient Grave

Could these 1,400-year-old figurines be evidence of an Iron Age cult?

Hoard of 30 models hints that Swedish town was once a religious centreHoard of 2cm-tall figurines were found in the village of Vang in BlekingeCalled guldgubbar, they are also known as Gold Old Men or Gold WivesResearchers believe they were made from Roman coins which were hammered into shapeGuldgubbars are commonly associated with areas of ritual and worshipArchaeologists found ruins of a house and a forge suggesting the region was once home to an Iron Age cult

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Mendelssohn Die erste Walpurgisnacht op.60 - d'Avalos - Philharmonia Orc...

Alfred the Great next in line to be dug up

After the car park king comes the cemetery sovereign. The remains of Richard III were confirmed yesterday, but archaeologists are already looking to track down the next lost king: Alfred the Great, reputedly buried in an unmarked grave in Winchester.
Leicester University announced that DNA tests had established “beyond reasonable doubt” that they had found the body of the last of the Plantagenets, the 15th-century king killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

"Forbidden Archaeology"

18 Giant Skeletons And Pyramids Found In Wisconsin Posted by Charleston Voice
Here's one for your "Forbidden Archaeology" file.Scientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912. The dig site at Lake Delavan was overseen by Beloit Collegeand it included more than 200 effigy mounds that proved to be classic examples of 8th century Woodland Culture. But the enormous size of the skeletons and elongated skulls found in May 1912 did not fit very neatly into anyone's concept of a textbook standard. They were enormous. These were not average human beings. Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls "presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day." They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in differant races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usu…

Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft

Outlander - español

13 Guerreros

Dort treffe ich dann meinen Vater.. Dort treffe ich meine Mutter, meine Schwestern und meine Brüder... Dort treffe ich dann all jene Menschen, meine Ahnenreihe von beginn an, sie rufen bereits nach mir. Sie bitten mich meinen Platz zwischen ihnen einzunehmen Hinter den Toren von Valhalla, wo die tapferen Männer für alle Ewigkeit leben

The Vikings Sagas

Hundreds of years ago in faraway Iceland the Vikings began to write down dozens of stories called sagas - sweeping narratives based on real people and real events.

I do not own any rights to this but I do feel the need to share it with the people that likes history of Iceland, since this (and similar) is hard to find and never on tv.