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The Hyperboreans

fuente: Hyperboreans – a Curious Pilgrimage. Priestesses from Beyond the North Wind.Priestesses from Beyond the North Wind“Two damsels…brought the first offerings from the Hyperboreans; and with them the Hyperboreans sent five men, to keep them from all harm on the way; these are the persons whom the Delians call Perpherees and to whom great honors are paid at Delos(…)“The damsels sent by the Hyperboreans died in Delos, and in their honor all the Delian girls and youths are wont to cut off their hair. The girls, before their marriage day, cut off a curl, and twining it around a distaff, lay it upon the grave of the strangers [the Hyperborean “damsels”]. This grave is on the left as one enters the precinct of Artemis, and has an olive tree growing on it. The youths wind some of their hair round a kind of grass, and, lioke the girls, place it upon the tomb. Such are the honors paid to these [Hyperborean] damsels by the Delians.”    …

Faun - Golden Apples

Man discovers 1,400 year-old Saxon skeleton believed to be pagan witch

An amateur metal detector enthusiast was stunned when he unearthed the remains of a 1,400 year-old Saxon skeleton. What's even more shocking is that the remains are thought to be those of a pagan witch.

The skeleton Credit: News Team International
Charles Wood, 44, made the astonishing discovery when he was out on a social dig with friends in a field near Long Compton, Warwickshire. The IT professional was at the site of the famous Rollright Stones, a group of Bronze Age monuments, when his metal detector made a faint murmur. Charles then started digging down 14in into the soil where he uncovered a patera, an early-Saxon religious utensil, which was in pristine condition. He quickly realised he had uncovered a burial ground after spotting some hinges next to the patera, which was only the fifth ever found in Britain. Charles called the local finds liaison officer Anni Byard, who arrived at the crack of dawn the next day and helped the group dig deeper. After removing over 6ft of so…