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Faun: Brynhildr und Sigurd

(Brynhild and Sigurd)

Do you want to hear my song, I can tell you much
about the great and golden time, about our ancestors' time.

Brynhild sits in the high hall, more radiant than everyone,
Not a single one is worth to be the proud lady's lover.

"Listen, Brynhild, my daughter, you bring disgrace on me,
no lover do you choose, not one of all the land's lords."

Sigurd hit the dragon well,
Grani carried gold from the heath.

"Be still, be still, my father, you will hear the truth:
I chose myself a hero far from the east.

Nobody won more gold, nobody won more honour,
Sigurd, who slayed the dragon, only his I want to be.

The Norn made me choose it, put it in my heart,
that I will wait nine winters for the one I have never seen.

Put a high chair onto the vast mountain for me,
let runs be carved into it by magical dwarfs."

Not one rode up to Brynhild's mountain, but Sigurd the merry
rode up on Grani, his horse, through smoke and rings of fire.

Brynhild sits on her golden chair, clad in heavy iron,
Sigurd swings his sharp sword and cuts the chains.

Brynhild woke up and looked around: "Who carries the sharp sword that cut my chains?" "Sigurd, Sigmund's Son, you shall call me." "Listen, Sigurd, who guided you through smoke and fire?" "Two birds in the green forest told me: Beautiful is Brynhild, she awaits you eagerly." The two met each other in love, there was Asla, Sigurd's daughter, conceived. Twelve rings he gave her, "this shall be our bond of love." There was Sigurd, Sigmund's son, he stayed in the maiden's chamber for seven months. Brynhild said: "You will be young again, your life will be over, you will have Gudrun, I will never be your joy again." "This seems wondrous, this will not happen to me, I will not stop loving you, Brynhild." She accompanied him for a part of his way and wished him farewell. "Now go, fostered by luck, you shall always succeed."

Sigurd rode away, without any dangers. Then he saw an evil animal that flailed around with its claws. It spit fire and venom, so his life was in danger. Sigurd sat on Grani's back, he thought he would not find the way; Grani bitt and flailed around, he could not find the way, therefore Sigurd had to ride to Juki's farm. The evil animal disappeared and he saw Krimhild sit there, clad in bright clothes. Outside stood Krimhild with many a man and hold him the reins. "Sigurd, stop your journey. I have a beautiful daughter who will grant you her love. Beautiful is my daughter Gudrun; Wherever she goes, roses and lilies bloom from her chin." The maiden Gudrun appeared in a blue dress, her hair rested on her shoulders. Krimhild said, Juki's daughter: "Go to the cellar and mix mead and wine. Mix mead and wine and add the great oblivion." She added all the great oblivion. So she served him the drink and asked him to drink with her. For long he drank it from his horn. Sigurd lost all his memories and nobody was able to cure him.

Gudrun drank with the honoured hero as well; Sigurd thought of courting Gudrun. Krimhild said to her daughter: "Go to your chamber and prepare it for your guest." Soon their marriage was celebrated, Sigurd went up to the chamber, he found the way to Gudrun.

Brynhild said: "A tear will roll down her cheek, Gudrun shall find no joy in the brave warrior." It was early in the morning, the sun was just rising, they both went to the water, both women were beautiful. It was early in the morning, the sun was reddening on the mountains, both women were beautiful. Brynhild and Gudrun, the one was peaceful, the other one in grief. Full of sorrow seemed Brynhild as she sat in the hall, Gunnar, the keen king, rode to visit her. Brynhild sat in the hall with a sorrowful mind. Gunnar entered the hall with sharp sword: "The one who acted against you shall find a slow death." Brynhild sat on her chair, she played with a golden knife; "You will not enter my hall again as long as Sigurd is still alive." "Listen, my mighty love, I worry about you: How shall Sigurd die, he whom no sword can harm?" "You will serve Sigurd salty food and nothing to drink, then you will ride out for the hunt, free of every sorrow."

Brynhild stands in the hall, she looked far outside, the famous Sigurd rode in the first place. Brynhild sits on her golden chair and lets her tears flow down onto both of her arms. They rode into the forest, cheerful and without sorrows; they give Sigurd salty food and nothing to drink. They drink from their horns, but Sigurd's horn was left at home. They drink from their horns, Sigurd wants to drink. They drink from their horns, cheerful and without sorrows; Sigurd got down from his horse. Sigurd lies down to drink where there is water in the well. Gunnar had the sword that bit Sigurd's neck. Högni stabbed and Gunnar swung his sword, they took Sigurd's life. Brynhild sits on her golden chair and lets her tears flow down onto both of her arms. Brynhild sits on her golden chair and lets her tears flow down onto both of her arms.