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Mostrando las entradas de diciembre, 2012


The story of Skutt the Moose and Princess Tuvstarr

Princess Tuvstarr is one of several illustrations done in 1913 for the book Princess Tuvstarr and the Fishpond. The images is of Princess Tuvstarr sitting by the pool looking for her heart from The story of Skutt the Moose and Princess Tuvstarr. Have you ever been in a large forest and seen a strange black tarn hidden deep among the tall trees? It looks bewitched and a little frightening. All is still - fir trees and pines huddle close and silent on all sides. Sometimes the trees bend cautiously and shyly over the water as if they are wondering what may be hidden in the dark depths. There is another forest growing in the water, and it, too, is full of wonder and stillness. Strangest of all, never have the two forests been able to speak to each other.... Princess Tuvstarr (Princess Cottongrass), a girl with long wavy blonde hair, slips away from the Dream Castle to meet Leap the Elk, a strong, loyal, and protective creatures who carri…

Collection of Greek trireme models

Descripción This collection of Greek trireme models has been created to highlight the historic maritime heritage of Greece. Specifically, the scope of the exhibit encompasses the development of the trireme from its first occurrence until the end of its dominance. The aims and objectives of the exhibit also include ongoing research, study, and discovery, as well as the classification and examination of histo rical data associated with the Greek trireme. The ultimate aim of the collection is to create a museum whose focus is Greek naval history in antiquity. The collection consists of wooden models total enclosed trireme period of 4-5 century BC. The collection will be completed with future construction of partly enclosed and open triremes. Temporary collection housed in apartments "Oceanblue"

mariposa - Grieg