Velleda, la profetisa

Bom in July atter the y«tr 63.
A great confederation of German tribes was entered into, under the Emperor Vitellius, against Rome, like no former one. Velleda, the Bructerian virgin, contributed much to its establishment. This prophetess, who was almost adored with divine honours, lived in a lofty tower accessible but to her relations. Consulted in the weightiest affairs of Germany, she insisted on the liberation of her country from the Roman yoke. This was the war in which Claudius Civilis distinguished himself. But, afterwards, when some German tribes, together with the Romans, made war upon the Bructeri, the latter being vanquished, Velleda was taken prisoner, and conducted before the Emperor Vespasian. But good and evil fortune do not decide the greatness of man. CLAUDIUS CIVILIS,

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